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Thursday, April 22, 2004

22 APR 04

From Merriam-Webster.


Pronunciation: ‘pa-l&-“nOd

Function: noun

Etymology: Greek palinOidia, from palin + aeidein to sing — more at ODE

1 : an ode or song recanting or retracting something in an earlier poem

2 : a formal retraction

A recanto.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

21 APR 04

The Unfact™ Of The Week.

The Unfact™ is, to the best of our knowledge, completely false and unsupportable. We are not responsible for any consequences that are bound to occur if you are silly enough to believe it.

The nation of Chad is named for the British general Charles "Chinese" Gordon’s son Chadwick Beauchamp Gordon.

!بشكل خطير

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

20 APR 04

Things Ray Says #66:

“Socrates is dead.”

(Insert rimshot here.)

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Monday, April 19, 2004

19 APR 04

“Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?”

Henry Ward Beecher

Een geletterde Maandag aan u allen!

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Friday, April 16, 2004

16-18 APR 04

I spotted Max Berry’s Jennifer Government a few months ago. The corporate state is a old theme in SF, Kornbluth and Anderson used it in the middle 20th century and a lot of cyberpunk authors and their heirs are still doing it, so it was worth a perusal. It smelled like trite crap to me and a lot of the reviews I’ve read have confirmed my suspicion. I passed on the book and gave it no thought until Lerin Marie told me about the online game, Nation States, created by Berry and based on the book.

Nation States is a nation simulation game. The player creates a nation by naming it and answering a few questions about social and political issues. The answers determine what type of government the nation will have. It’s easy to spot the trends and set up any kind of government one would like to have that day. After the nation is created other things can be set, national motto, flags, and game preferences.

The gameplay is dealing with issues. Issues are presented and the government deals with them by either dismissing them or using one of the options provided with the issue. The issues are presented as occurrences in the nation and the various points of view are from its citizens. The course of the nation is determined by the government’s response to the issues, so gameplay is reactive rather than active, but still amusing. The reactions sometimes have unintended consequences that at first seem strange, but after a few plays one begins to see the way the game’s politics are slanted and it’s soon easy enough to spot what’s going to happen. An example; I was presented with the choice of allowing cannibalism, allowing it in certain circumstances, or banning it altogether; I opted to ban it and the result was a riot between cannibals and health food advocates.

Players can move nations to various regions or create one of their own. There is a UN, membership is voluntary, but adherence to decisions made by the UN are compulsory for all nations.

On the whole it’s fun, but I’d like to see more game play based on the players decisions rather than reactions.

My nation is Gombo De Poulet (yes, it should be “Gombo Au Poulet”), Mme. Gothique’s is Port Fourchon, and the traitorous Lerin Marie’s is Rakiland. You’ll note that Gombo De Poulet and Port Fourchon have custom flags; I made them, Gombo De Poulet’s from my own twisted mind and Port Fourchon’s to Mme. Gothique’s specifications. Lerin Marie kept the boring default flag because she’s a stupidhead.

Liberté, Égalité, Beaucoup Gombo.

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Thursday, April 15, 2004

15 APR 04

From Wikipedia’s List of Latin Phrases.

Horribile dictu – “Horrible to tell”, “Horrible to relate”.

Happy Tax Day!

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