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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ray’s a Twit

Elvis help me, but I’ve got a Twitter account. You can read my latest update on the sidebar under ‘RAY’S A TWIT‘.

But you knew that already.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

My achy-breaky heart, my killer post-punk/post-modern/post-toastie band, and my autoiconography

I -It’s time for the interminable Shitkicker Mardi Gras. I’m ambivalent about livestock shows, rodeos, and country and line dance music, but somehow whenever Shitkicker Mardi Gras comes around I always learn something I could have lived without knowing. F’rex, I’m sure I would have heard about Hannah Montana sooner or later, but it was Shitkicker Mardi Gras that brought the phenomenon to my attention. And I really thought Billy Ray was dead. Well, it was more of a hope.

β – Y’know that album cover thing that’s making its way around social not-working sites? Here’s how to do it in one easy step.

3 – The official Evil Ray portraiture on Mala Fide dotcom’s About page has been updated. It’s animated. Give it a moment.

Yeah, I know there’s a filter for that.

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