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Monday, March 30, 2009

Twittering on a fencepost in March

These are my best twits for the month of March as selected by me, who ought to know. I use the Twitter to give my inner commentary an outlet. It’s more fun than screaming.

I like marking the “Plotting” box on my in/out board.
2:50 PM Mar 4th

Any dream that involves a shopping mall is a nightmare.
3:17 AM Mar 5th

US rodeos strike me as a largely Protestant ventures, so rodeo clowns probably don’t have a patron saint.
10:38 AM Mar 10th

It’s more poor typing than poor spelling. Once slate PCs become the norm I will RULE the written word.
12:29 PM Mar 13th

Mrs. King is going to espresso me. What a doll. I take back all the bad stuff I said about her.
1:02 PM Mar 17th

Okay, maybe not *all* of it.
1:09 PM Mar 17th

I can tell I’m not going to like this.
7:06 AM Mar 23rd

See? I was right. Waggish pessimism always pays off.
7:56 AM Mar 23rd

I may have a Twitter problem. Is there a 12 step feed?
9:43 AM Mar 25th

That 12 step thing was trite and lame. I take it back.
10:37 AM Mar 25th

You may mock the Twitter, but keep in mind that you now pay for bottled water without a second thought. Hey…that’s pretty good. I should, like, Twitter that.

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