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Monday, May 4, 2009

Pastiche or homage? Yes!

Mala Fide dotcom uses StatCounter to, heh, count its stats. Among other things it tracks recently used search terms used to find the site. A couple of weeks ago StatCounter revealed this:

@evilray My website is the first hit in a Google of ‘sf novel tribe of women travel in zeppelin’. 1 – COOL!, B – I would *so* read that novel.”

That would be a Google search for a science fiction novel about a tribe of women that travel in zeppelins. Yeah, I know! Great idea!

And writing it would even be better than reading it. I’ve been working out a plot, an ERBian planetary romance, a world far from Earth, the Earthian hero(es) transported there by mysterious means, a nation of rilly hawt, scantily-clad warrior chix in battle zeppelins fighting for survival on a deadly world…and then the idea of hot girl-on-girl action derails my train of thought. Yeah…like that.

I’ve dummied up a book cover and blurb to help my plotting along. I realize it’s like naming a band and deciding not to date supermodels before learning to play instruments, but that’s the really cool part of the process, isn’t it? And I didn’t misspell my own name, damn it. It’s ‘RAS Latiolais’. It’s just hard to distinguish the caps in that font.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

Mistress of the Stratosphere' front cover Mistress of the Stratosphere' back cover

Here’s the blurb in case the pic didn’t work out:

In 1921 Lorem Ipsum, ace pilot of the Great War, and Klug Stiefel, a scientific genius decades ahead of his
time, vanished while testing the ‘Spirit of Canarsie’, an aircraft of their own design. Hundreds of witnesses saw the ‘Spirit’ fly into a strange, pulsing cloud never to be seen again. On Earth. The cloud transported the two across space to an unknown and fantastic world. A world so terrible that its inhabitants took to the skies just to survive.

Rescued by a fleet of flying aircraft carriers, Lorem and Klug are prisoners and then guests of the Bosomians, a race of Amazons ruled by a terrible warrior empress. Gaining the Bosomians trust, the Earthmen and their skills become instrumental in the Bosomians never-ending war of survival against their horrific vampire-like foes, the Drowqule.

With Lorem’s bravery and Klug’s brilliance, the queen of the Bosomian’s will become the unopposed


Nice zepps.

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