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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Campbell Olsen

I’m posting early this week in order to get my predictions for ‘Mad Men’ season 4 out before the premiere.

Mad Ray

So, yeah…my predictions for ‘Mad Men’ season 4…before the premiere:

Always forward-thinking, Pete hits on the idea of ‘fun’ sized candy bars, but is laughed out of the pitch by Cadbury execs. He retreats to his office and cleans his rifle.

Don nails a hot brunette.

Duck dumps Peewe…Peggy for newer model eff-buddy with bigger fins. Peggy poaches Hermès and begins a relationship with a Brooklyn College fraternity to spite him.

Don nails a hot brunette.

Don and Peanu…Roger’s rekindled friendship sets off a economic boom in the alcohol service industry and is responsible for the recovery of several foundering distilleries.

Don nails a hot brunette.

Coop’s disrupted nap schedule adversely affects his health, he suffers a heart attack and dies with his argyles on. Lane gets the Hokusai, Harry gets the Rothko, and Alice dances on his carpet in golf shoes.

Don nails a hot brunette.

Dr. Cut-up is sent to Vietnam and killed, in self-defense, by his first patient. This, coupled with Jane’s new Beatles obsession, allows Joan and Roger to, well, couple.

Did I mention the thing about Don and a hot brunette?

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