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Friday, May 20, 2005

20-22 MAY 05

Selected names in the “from” line of spam received this month with editorial commentary and extensive hypertext linking.

Overflowing L. Dentist – Spit. Rinse.

Sputum H. Whitest – Yeah. Okay. Ummm, no.

Coaxing J. Declivity – C'mon baby. Lean on back.

Oration O. Brawniest – Talks big.

Clay D. Carnage – Bloody pottery.

Horseback D. Heretical – Giddyup, heresy.

Gypsy K. Academics – Excuse me, but it's “Romany Studies”.

Nearness A. Nymphomaniacs – The nearer, the better.

Hohenlohe L. Directive – IT IS EIN CHERMAN DIREKTIF!

Bedecking D. Cairo – What? The entire city? Dude!

Foreclosing I. Aden – What? The entire city? Dude!

Insubordiantion B. Ubangi – What? The entire cit…river? Dude!

Uvulas Q. Canon – Always shooting her mouth off.

Indoctrinated U. Geology – Don't drink the sedimentary slurry!

Caster U. Lesbianism Girls In Cargo Pants Movers, Inc.

Malevolent H. Confirmations – You're right. Those capris do make your ass look big. Mwooohahahaa!

Limbless E. Charm – Hey, baby. Nice prosthetics.

"I eat jam, and ham and Spam a lot."

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