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Friday, March 12, 2004

12-14 MAR 04

Mala Fide dotcom’s Almost Spring Spellchecker Poetry Chautauqua

The original input:

Wolfnhj puomnz dfiuu garghf ioqwub dsjtyo
meuglk zgfdiy wbfmj hatyr shto roab
poqb xbgo tkjvo foyn voiqh niqg sitmn
ugkau kwyrmn ehdmc ownmdb


Woolen peons die girth Iowa dusty
mogul zaftig bum hater shot rob
pub bog kava fun vouch nag satin
guar kern hem owned

And now we edit:

“Wool-clad peons die while girthy Iowans dust their davenports.
The mogul’s zaftig innamorata is a bum hater who shot and robbed.
At a bog pub kava and fun is vouched for by a nag in satin.
Guar kerns hem what’s owned.”

Quick! Get me a grant proposal!

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