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Friday, December 19, 2003

19-21 DEC 03

It’s not possible for The Managment to adequately describe the extent of its loathing for snow. Unfortunately, desiring the vile stuff this time of year is an article of faith…even in places where it never snows. To mollify the teeming masses until they are crushed into submission, The Managment presents a couple of snow related, holidayoid diversions that don’t suck too much.

The Make-a-Flake Snowflake Maker. Despite the silly name, it’s a lot of fun and has a gallery to indulge your inner artsy-crafty child.

The best snowglobe The Managment has ever seen. This is a great way to relax from the holiday madness. Mwoohahahahaaaa!

Merry Kwanzadanukahülemastivus!

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