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Saturday, June 14, 2003

14-15 JUN 03

Ray striking aggrandizing poses in an attempt to emphasize his masculinity.

The Utilikilt I ordered in May arrived this week. Here I am striking aggrandizing poses in an attempt to emphasize my masculinity.It’s very well made; it ain’t no girly skirt. It’s designed to carry things, manly things, like big wallets, overly large bundles of keys, beer, and red meat. My first day in the kilt was comfortable and without incident although sitting down, getting in and out of vehicles, and bathroom visits became something to think carefully about.I did find a few things lacking with the Utilikilt. The only fasteners are a "V" shaped row of six snaps centered over what the ladies’ depilation commercials call the "bikini area". A belt is necessary to keep the kilt closed at the waist and there’s nothing south of the crotch so a stiff wind can expose more than a modest fellow would care to. I used a safety pin to keep the bottom closed and I’m thinking of adding snaps to those areas permanently. Another problem is that the cargo pockets are designed in a way that makes two-handed operation necessary. Lastly, the price is a bit much to make it daily wear.On the whole, I enjoyed the kilt and plan to get a few more. If you do get a Utilikilt, follow the sizing instructions carefully before ordering. The system is not at all flattering, but we’re not girls, we can take it.

Tiny SkullTiny SkullTiny Skull

– The Utilikilt receives three Tiny Skulls out of five.


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