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Wednesday, November 6, 2002

06 NOV 02

My Loquacious Sister emailed this review of Johnny Cash’s new album.

Johnny Cash is the man. I’ve been listening to his music my whole life. Here’s my first impression of his new album, The Man Comes Around. I just bought it today. (Purchased with the B&N gift card my evil bother, er, brother, gave me for my birthday last week.)

1. The Man Comes Around: Good song, a new original by John R. Cash (as Johnny Cash calls himself). Based on the book of Revelation, kind of scary and well-suited to Cash’s voice.

2. Hurt: The Nine Inch Nails song, you know “You can have it all, my empire of dirt.” Really moving and effective when sung by the original Man In Black.

3. Give My Love To Rose: Johnny’s been doing this one for years. It’s handled well here.

4. Bridge Over Troubled Water: I’m about to piss at least one of you off. This would be so much better without Fiona Apple’s backing vocal. Really, really, much better.

5. I Hung My Head: The liner notes say this is by Sting. I’ll have to hear it a few more times before I form an opinion.

6. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face: Oh my G-d, he must be singing this to June Carter. It’s the most moving version of this song I’ve ever heard. (I think this song is really cheesy, generally.) I nearly cried.

7. Personal Jesus: Uh. . . Not a good song for Johnny Cash.

8. In My Life: Again, I think he’s singing to June. (The liner notes have a lot about her.) Really good. Johnny Cash sings The Beatles, hard to go wrong.

9. Sam Hall: I think this is a folk song. Another that I need to hear a few more times.

10. Danny Boy: Well, it’s Danny Boy, and it’s Johnny Cash. If you like them, you’ll like it. I liked it.

11. Desperado: Don Henley sings backing vocals. (I am not a fan of his.) It’s Desperado. I could have skipped it. Probably will skip it in the future.

12. I’m So Lonesome, I Could Cry: Yeah, the Hank Williams song. It’s a duet with Nick Cave. It’s excellent. Nick Cave can sing with Johnny Cash.

13. Tear-Stained Letter: Not bad. Nothing special, maybe it will grow on me.

14. Streets of Laredo: Johnny has the right worn-out cowboy sound to his voice. I like this one. (Webb Wilder does a good version of Streets of Laredo.)

15. We’ll Meet Again: The whole Cash family. Cute.

So, you must hear: The Man Comes Around, Hurt, First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, In My Life, I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry, and Streets of Laredo. The rest is up to you, but skip Desperado, O.K.?


Evil Ray’s Loquacious Sister

I’ve always felt sorry for that man in Reno.

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