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Monday, September 23, 2002

23 SEP 02

The three most overrated bands in rock history.

Jefferson Airplane – A song about drugs that borrows heavily from Lewis Carroll sung by a former model seem to be the basis for this band’s entire rep. Airplane is more a product of recreational drug use rather than a leader of the psychedelic. A lot of important things happened in the late 1960’s, but this band wasn’t one of them.

Nirvana – The whole grunge movement was enjoyable and Nirvana was at the bleeding edge of it, but it was nothing more than a marketable variety of punk. It’s been about ten years since it broke and its already rock history. The only thing keeping any buzz about Nirvana going is the fact that Kurt Cobain suicided (or succumbed to your favorite conspiracy) and thus ensured rock sainthood. If he hadn’t gone ad patres he’d have undertaken (sorry) the difficult task of being a gracefully aging rock artist or become a staple of VH1’s Behind the Music.

The Doors – Another band carried beyond its shelf life by a dead guy. Their music is passable, although they sound like a lounge act at times. As the psychedelic movement gained some mainstream cachet a band like the Doors was bound to happen and Jim Morrison was the pretentious humanities major to make it happen. And of course he OD’d before the Doors were entirely forgotten guaranteeing the band’s immortality. And Ray Manzarek just annoys me. He’s become the head of the Jim Morrison cult and gives all of us Rays a bad name.

None of these bands were active during my Youth. "Youth" being the period of our lives from our late teens to our mid-twenties that we never grow out of or spend the rest of our lives paying for. It’s the time when the music of the subculture we pledge allegiance to becomes The Music which all other music will ever be compared to. My Youth was spent listening to ska and the end of the original wave of punk. They aren’t represented on the list because that stuff ROCKS, man, and cannot be overrated!

Tupac and Biggie are in hiding. They’re working on an album together. For real, y’all!

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