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Blue Ribbon Free Speech Campaign

As I'm sure you know, " QUANDO PRANDIMUS ", is Latin for " When's lunch? ". A man's gotta believe in something, and I believe in lunch! Welcome to my homepage, which is, of course, under construction! I hope you'll add it to your bookmark list. Heck, I my even add it to my bookmark list! Feel free to link it to your homepage...that is if you care to be associated with a ne'er-do-well such as myself!

Editorial Disclaimer!

This document is, as I told the young lady last night, a small thing, but, my own. All opinons and comments found herein are mine, and mine alone, If you're offended by anything you find here, then go away! Of course, you're on your own if you follow any of the links I've established here. I'm not taking anyone else's heat!

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This page was created with HTML Assistant...because it's freeware, and I'm a cheapskate. Okay! So I actually did most of it with HTML Easy, but the evaluation period ended. It's HTML 3.0, sort of... or at any rate it's made with Netscape in mind. If you've got any comments or suggestions, then click on the black box up there, and just go nuts!