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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Superscientific girl-on-girl action!

A couple of George Griffith’s books are posted on the Ebook page. Griffith’s works are, in a word, RIPPING YARNS.

I’m especially recommending THE WORLD MASTERS because the female characters are what really drive the plot. It’s effectively one long catfight culminating in an all-girl shootout at the Magnetic North Pole.

THE WORLD MASTERS at Project Gutenberg.

THE WORLD MASTERS free for Kindleâ„¢.

Standard old book warning: THE WORLD MASTERS contains racist and sexist ideas and language.

"She hated Chrysie Vandel with the whole-hearted hatred of her impetuous and masterful Bourbon spirit; she looked upon her as one of her ancestors would have looked upon an usurper or an invader—something to be abolished or suppressed, at any price and by any means."

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Monday, January 31, 2011

In which I attempt to conserve my brain

Ebook update. The Aerians – This is an omnibus volume of The Angel of the Revolution: a Tale of the Coming Terror and its sequel Olga Romanoff, the Syren of the Skies. The Aerians is the story of a successful Griffithian revolution, the attempt to overthrow it 125 years later by Russians with a genetic grudge, and the near destruction of the Earth by a well-timed comet. To fully describe the plot would make my brain melt so that’ll have to do.

“Among the nations of Anglo-Saxondom the change had manifested itself by a swift decadence into the worst forms of unbridled democracy.”

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Cinquante-deux ans! Il me donne l’incrédulité!

Ebook update. In the Year 2889 (La Journée d’un journaliste américain en 2889) by Jules Verne – Although it was written by Jules’ son Michel, it was based on Verne pere‘s notes. The French title covers it: “Day of an American journalist in 2889”. It’s an interesting short story, I love the overwrought 19th Century prose, I love the overwrought 19th Century prose, and that fact that it’s about as accurate asThe Jetsons.

…[T]he progress of hygiene…has lifted the mean of human life from 37 up to 52 years…

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Monday, August 30, 2010


Ebook update. Armageddon 2419 AD – The Airlords of the Han by Philip Francis Nowlan – From the August 1928 issue of Amazing Stories:

Here, once more, is a real scientifiction story plus. It is a story which will make the heart of many readers leap with joy.

We have rarely printed a story in this magazine that for scientific interest, as well as suspense, could hold its own with this particular story. We prophesy that this story will become more valuable as the years go by. It certainly holds a number of interesting prophecies, of which no doubt, many will come true. For wealth of science, it will be hard to beat for some time to come. It is one of those rare stories that will bear reading and re-reading many times.

Heh…scientifiction. These are the adventures of Tony Rogers in the 24th century. His name was changed to Buck and he became Buster Crabbe.

“Heaven-Born, the Nu-Yok fleet has been destroyed, the city is in ruins…”

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Monday, August 9, 2010

In which I am sincere

Ebook update. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad – English wasn’t Conrad’s first language, more like fifth or sixth, but he took to it like a chicken to gumbo. This is a novella, less than 40K words, but there’s so much going on here that I can’t synopsize it without commiting a mortal sin against Western literature.

"And this also,” said Marlow suddenly, "has been one of the dark places of the earth."

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Monday, April 12, 2010

In which I confess to a vile deed

Ebook update. The Second Deluge by Garrett P. Serviss – This book, published in 1912, shares a basic plot with the film 2012 (cue theramin coinkydink music); astronomical phenomenon cause global catastrophe, boats are built to save humanity, and the Eiffel Tower is destroyed dramatically. Sadly, that hot chick from Star Trek doesn’t make an appearance in the book, making the movie the superior work.

Yes, I did see 2012, and I’m really sorry I didn’t wait until it was on basic cable.

"And then good-by to the human race…unless…unless…I, Cosmo Versál, inspired by science, can save a remnant to repeople the planet after the catastrophe."

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