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Monday, May 18, 2009

In which I plagarize myself

Building on an evil idea, the point-of-purchase pop-up ad, used in another silly story, I give you:

2017 AD: The Assault

© 2009 Ray Adam Latiolais

He had been making groceries and was almost at his front door when the assault began.

Full lips and breasts filled his vision, swaying and enticing. Voices assailed him with offers sublime and obscene. Strident music interrupted his thought and distracted him beyond reason.

He shut his eyes and covered his ears but to no effect. He staggered the last few feet to the door and sagged against it.

Fumbling, he pulled his phone from his belt. He found the site more by instinct than thought. Cursing his clumsy fingers, he transferred the funds. Seconds later the assault ended.

Still trying to regain his composure, he opened his calendar and set a reminder to renew his ad protection a week before it ran out next time.


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