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Monday, October 25, 2010

And October ever after…

It’s been a while since I’ve done this. Hope it doesn’t suck too hard. Tip o’ the seasonally appropriate hat to my Jeopardy! champion sister for the vengeance angle.

And October ever after…

© 2010 Ray Adam Latiolais

October rd

They get fatter all the time. It’s disgusting, all that flesh. Bumbling about as if they own the world. Our time is coming.

October nd

And the women. Painting themselves and exposing their fat jigglies for all to see. Whores, the lot of them. Our time is coming.

October th

Even the children. Living on junk food and television…barley educated. The only thing the fat little lumps are taught is a delusion of entitlement. Our time is coming.

October Ωst

All their leaders are corrupt. Money, sex, witchcraft, self-hatred, hypocrisy…every one of them tainted by scandal. Our time is coming.

October Halloweenth

We are done with them. We must act. Our time is now.

The moon rode fat and low in the October sky. It gleamed like bone china. Suddenly, it turned blood red. The fleshy ones stopped and stared at the unpredicted, baneful sight. Then, with one voice, they screamed as overample flesh was ripped away from within and the skeletons inside of them escaped. The last thing the grotesque jelly eyes of the corpulent humans beheld was the thin, joyous dance of bony freedom.

And October ever after…

They are no more. The foul, porcine world of humans is gone and in its place our tidy mausoleums gleam in well-tended cemeteries. Where pestilent flesh wobbled, our clean bone dances. Where oozing brains sweated, we play chess. Where clumsy hands fumbled, we keep our scythes sharp.

It is our time. It always was. All things must at the last be swallowed up by Death.


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