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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Superscientific girl-on-girl action!

A couple of George Griffith’s books are posted on the Ebook page. Griffith’s works are, in a word, RIPPING YARNS.

I’m especially recommending THE WORLD MASTERS because the female characters are what really drive the plot. It’s effectively one long catfight culminating in an all-girl shootout at the Magnetic North Pole.

THE WORLD MASTERS at Project Gutenberg.

THE WORLD MASTERS free for Kindleâ„¢.

Standard old book warning: THE WORLD MASTERS contains racist and sexist ideas and language.

"She hated Chrysie Vandel with the whole-hearted hatred of her impetuous and masterful Bourbon spirit; she looked upon her as one of her ancestors would have looked upon an usurper or an invader—something to be abolished or suppressed, at any price and by any means."

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