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Friday, January 30, 2004

30 JAN – 01 FEB 04

The end of the world as I know it will occur at 1000 CST (that’ll be 1600 GMT) on Saturday 31 JAN 04. The Sci Fi channel will drop Mystery Science Theatre 3000 from its lineup and MST3K (now cancelled but living in reruns) will be off the air after more that a decade. MST3K (with a sausage McGriddle™ and a gianormous mocha) has been the centerpiece of my weekend, if not my entire week, since I moved to Houston. Prior to that I only saw the show when visiting my Smart Sister in New Orleans or Houston, but I’ve enjoyed MST3K for a very long time. I am truly distraught.

The last episode will be #912, The Screaming Skull and a Gumby short. The Gumby short is great and the main feature is solid episode. An Eisenhower era bit of lingere shows up a lot in this episode. It looks like a ball gown with an armored bust, topped by a flowing robe with shoulder pads. It must have been made by Frederick’s of Pentecostalism. I would have prefered to see #816, The Prince of Space, but beggars and all. #816 is a Japanese classic in which young children in frighteningly tiny shorts have amazing access to all levels of the Japanese government and scientific community, the world is saved by a wispy bachelor, and features a great riff:

“Oh, the Japanity!” – Crow T. Robot

“Oh, the inanity!” – Mike Nelson

The mere fact that there are people who think like that makes the world a better place.

Now what am I going to do?

"I’m different!" – Crow T. Robot

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