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Thursday, January 29, 2004

29 JAN 04

Utilikilts has introduced two new kilt styles, the Survival kilt and the Mocker. As exciting as The Management’s life would not doubt be in a Survival kilt, we passed and got a Mocker instead. Although we forgot to order the modesty snaps, we are one very happy Braveheart.

The Mocker is identical in to the Original Utilikilt (which we have reviewed), but instead of the saddle bag cargo pockets it has trouser style pockets. This gives the Mocker a more adult look than the Original’s cargo pants style, and makes it a better daily wear replacement for us old folks. With jacket, tie, and a well polished pair of boots the Mocker would work as well in a formal setting as it does in business. In short, the Mocker Utilikilt is exactly what we have been looking for in pants replacement.

We have to mention one thing about the kilt; it’s not a problem or even a quibble, we just find it amusing. The front pockets are deep. Very deep. Embarrassingly deep. They start in the same place they would on trousers, but they slant more and terminate in the center of the apron, just below the crotch. Anything placed in the pockets is not falling out. A good feature. But taking items out requires reaching inside the kilt and deep into ones lap. To some it may look as if one might be enjoying oneself more than one should in public. Smile at them.

Tiny SkullTiny SkullTiny SkullTiny SkullTiny Skull

The Management gives Mocker Utilikilt 5 Tiny Skulls.

I’m too sexy for my pants…

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