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Friday, September 19, 2003

19-21 SEP 03

The Management believes that one should not have to pay more that $20 for any single, portable good. The Management is a cheapskate. The Management loves Nonags, the best freeware site on the planet.

Nonags offers a large selection of utility software in wide array of categories. If one needs a software tool, one will find it here. There are also freeware games, but The Management finds them insipid. The site’s search engine is not the best, but the categories are well defined and with a little work one will find one’s Utility Of Desire. Best of all, the software has been tested as being virus and spyware free. Nonags markets a premium service, Nonags Plus (which The Management will sign up for one day…probably), but the free service is more than adequate.

The software is rated on a scale of 1 to 6 little duckies. The Management finds this amusing and adapted it to the 1 to 5 tiny skull scale we occasionally use on this site. We recommend that you not bother with anything rated less than 5 duckies.

Tiny SkullTiny SkullTiny SkullTiny SkullTiny Skull

The Management gives Nonags 5 Tiny Skulls.


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