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Thursday, April 24, 2003

24 APR 03

My mother and her sisters had to take a bus to another town to attend junior high and high school. Mr. Hebert drove the bus for a long time. My grandfather once asked Mr. Hebert if the kids ever gave him trouble. Mr. Hebert said that occasionally they would act up, but if any trouble started he would stop the bus, open the door, and tell the kids to take it outside. They would usually settle down and the bus would soon be on its way.

Mr. Hebert also said that the one time that this didn’t work was with my Aunt Loquacious (my Loquacious Sister is named for her). Aunt Loquacious had gotten into a fight with a set of twins. The twins’ mother would become my grandfather’s second wife; small world. Mr. Hebert used his standard tactic and expected things to settle down. Don’t expect things to settle down with Aunt Loquacious. She hopped off of the bus and told Mr. Hebert:

"Let ’em off one at a time! I’ll whip both their asses!"

Bring it on!

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