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Monday, October 28, 2002

28 OCT 02

In October of 1984 I was at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri receiving Army Basic Training. Every morning we were wakened by a large metal trash can crashing down the hallway at 0600. After a few days of that I began waking on my own at 0530 and just relaxing or reading (quite a treat) for a half hour before the cacaphony drove me from bed.

One morning late in October I woke and fell asleep again after a while. I woke again and looked at my watch; it was 0615! Quelle horreur! I had somehow slept through the trash can! I was imagining what deep shit I was in when I noticed that no one was awake but me. Then I realized that it was time change day; recruits aren’t high on the "need to know" list for anything. I relaxed into the best forty-five minutes of sleep I’ve ever had.

Then a large metal trash can came hurling down the hallway.

If I’m buried with a copy of my DD214 I can get into Valhalla.

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