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Friday, January 12, 2007

Mr. Happy

This is Mr. Happy.

Hey kids! It's Mr. Happy!

Mr. Happy was excised from the “r” of the Skullz (© Googe and King Buffalo) dingbat font. If you don’t have it, get it. Try Fontz or Acid Fonts. One simply cannot have enough skullz, yo. The “r” has become sort of a signature for me and I decided to use it on the site in some way. After some modification we have the cheerful fellow brightening up every page here.

Here’s a sterogram of Mr. Happy.

Hey, kids! It's Mr. Happy in 3D!

Cool, huh?

Mr. Happy was originally nameless. A friend of mine worked at a nearby bookstore and was generous enough to hook me up with an employee discount. One of the clerks in the music department noticed that I’m not very demonstrative. This is not an unusual occurrence; I’ve heard “You never smile” since my early teens. It’s patently false, I don’t smile much. The flipside is that I don’t frown much either, but no one ever notices that. If one is not happy, one is sad. Generic fallacy, I think. Anyway, the wanker in music took serious issue with this facet of my sparkling personality and threw a hissy fit whenever I was in the store. Once after I’d visited, Music Creep asked my friend, “Has Mr. Happy left yet?”

And, lo, Mr. Happy was nameless no longer.

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