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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Personal Flag

Thanks to the very kind Philippe Bondurand for listing this vain effort on his Les Drapeaux personnels des Vexillologues. Discovering M. Bondurand’s site was the impetus for creating a personal flag. Another source of inspiration for this project and all vexillological information used to create these flags came from Flags Of The World.

Personal Flag Old Personal Flag

Personal Flag – The olive and brown flag is an older version. It was reworked into green and black because olive and brown are hard to distinguish from each other and to bring the flag in in line with heraldic principles. I’m all about heraldic principles.

  • White Star – From the US flag; let’s pretend it’s Louisiana’s star. My people were in Louisiana/Louisiane when it became part of the USA.
  • Gold Star – From the flags of Acadiana, home of the Louisiana Acadians, the New England Acadians, and Acadia/Acadie, now Nova Scotia.
  • Ermine Spot – From the flags of the province of Brittany/Bretagne/Breizh, Pays de Saint-Malo, and the city of Saint Malo, the province, pays, and city in France that are the wellspring of my family, Coquelin de la Thiolais.
  • Colors – The flag is green and black because I like green and black. The white fimbriation keeps the flag in line with heraldic principles. I’m all about heraldic principles.
  • Dimensions – The flag uses the French Tricolor as a model. The dimensions are 2:3. The large space at the fly takes up two-thirds of the flag. The third at the hoist is itself divided into thirds; the first third is the same color as the fly, the remainder is the second color and contains the devices.

And other vexillic miscellany:

Pirate Flag

Pirate Flag – My pirate flag is based on my personal flag. It’s called Le Roger Heureux because it turns out that the French for “jolly” is gai. The hoist and fly are black and the fly contains the skull and crossbones. The stripe is blood red and the devices are removed…for anonymity. Heave to ye lubbers or, by kracky, yer scuppers’ll run red!

Flag of the Total State Flag of the Total State in scary black and white

The Total State, “Uniting Humanity…or else” – This flag will be used after my evil plan to seize control of all of humanity comes to fruition and the Total State is established. The red symbolizes the power of the Total State, the black symbolizes the power of the Total State, and the sword symbolizes the power of the Total State. There’s a monochrome version because monochrome is scarier.

You might want to practice saluting it.

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